Katy's Courage Skate-a-thon 2018

Search for the skater you wish to sponsor, or click on the skater list link and search from there. You can pledge a fixed amount now or a per lap amount.  If you pledge a per lap amount  we will contact you after the skate-a-thon with the number of laps your skater completed.  You can then pay your pledge using this site, or in person at the Buckskill Winter Club or by mail.

If you do not know who to sponsor, choose general donation (weblink donate) and you can make a general donation to Katy's Courage.

100% of all donations benefits Katy's Courage, Buckskill Winter Club is donating all ice time, skate rentals and event administration.

Thank you so much!


Our Fundraising Goal:




List of Skaters

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